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4 bit Adder - Overview

The main reason for creating this project (my second one ever I think - the first one being many years ago and an utter failure) was to educate myself in basic digital electronics and just to see if I could get something to work. Generally speaking, I deal with setting up & diagnosing network, server & desktop PC related issues day-in day-out and to actually be able to make something like even a small basic circuit is both different and gratifying: A change is as good as a rest as they say!

I started this project with no real knowledge of electronics to the point where I didn't know Ohms law properly, couldn't solder without creating a planet sized solder blob and couldn't tell you why a £200 temperature controlled solder station was better than a £20 soldering iron. As you can tell, the learning curve was quite steep :).

With regard to the above learning I would like to acknowledge the help of some the members of the EEV blog forum who were incredibly friendly and helpful (espeically given that I was asking some very basic questions indeed).

Anyway, on with the show!

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