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6502 project

In my far flung youth I once owned and loved my old BBC Micro and after recently purchasing one on eBay I came up with the idea of creating my own 8 bit computer. I mean, how hard can it be? Right?
Well actually harder than you’d think, but not too hard if you know where to look and can put in a lot of time and energy into it.

To this end I set about doing some research and seeing what it might cost me in time, inconvenience and money. And this is where I’m at: the inconvenience & money are tied together and don’t actually present much of an issue as most of the ICs (chips) that I’ll need can be sourced on eBay and at a relatively low cost and in the UK. Excellent.
Time, on the other hand, is where it’s going to cost me so to speak. First of all I have to choose an architecture/platform: 6502 or Z80. Easy: I've gone with 6502 as it's the one I know the most (from my days of programming 6502 machine code as a kid). I'm sure that the Z80 has its points, but having to learn the ins and outs of the Z80 would just add more time on. Perhaps another time. There’s a heck of a lot to do to get it right. Here’s a very basic low-down of the project stages

1) Create the circuit diagram design
2) Write the ROM code
3) Purchase the components
4) Construct the project and test it

In true me fashion I didn’t quite start off with a plan and begun several stages at once: 1, 2 and 3.

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