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Acorn Electron

With regard to computers produced by Acorn, my main experience has been with BBC Micros and a little with Acorn Archimedes. The Acorn Electron wasn't something that I'd even heard of until many years later and even then I've never seen one in the flesh, so to speak.
Well, that's chnaged as I've managed to lay hands on not one, but two of them.

II used to own a BBC Micro when I was a teenager and (regrettably) got rid of it about 10 years ago due to lack of space in my home (and because it went faulty).

Recently, I decided to obtain one off of eBay as my retro-compulsion bug came back :).  I found the prices to be a little eye-watering, but perhaps I shouldn't have been too surprised given that these are now quite old and scarce.
Despite this I've now ended up with three, instead of just the one I was after.

The first one is a fully functional standard BBC model B, with an issue 7 motherboard and a Rockwell 6502A 2MHz CPU (processor).
As with all unexpanded model B's, this has 32KB of RAM, 16KB ROM for the MOS (aka BIOS) and 16KB reserved for Paged ROMs. This gives a total of 64KB (the maximum amount directly addressable by the 6502 CPU).
Paged ROM wise, the computer currently has an MMC (see below) ROM and a DFS 1.2 (8271) ROM.
Additions: I purchased an MMC adapter which allows modern MMC cards to be used for reading and writing floppy disc images (well worth the purchase!). Here's a couple of pictures (click to enlarge):

ModelB_closed ModelB_opened ModelB_MMC ModelB_starhelp ModelB_repton ModelB_reptonplay

Update 26th April 2014

I've upgraded this machine with a Sidewise sideways RAM/ROM expander PCB and due to a compatibility issue had to move the MMC ROM and adapter to my BBC model B+ 64K.

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