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Atari 520 STFM

22nd Sep 2017

My very first computer was an Atari 520 STFM, bought for me by my Mum & Dad when I was about 14 (so not long ago then... ;))
It was positively the most expensive present that they'd ever bought me, so when I swapped it for a BBC Micro B+ a year or twolaterit probably didn't endear me to them. However, I learned for more about computers and programming on BBC than I ever did on the ST. This was partly down to the fact that I had no real software for the ST apart from ST Basic (shudder) and some demo games - at easta first. However, I ha access to a massive amount of software on by BBC Micro as people swapped games at school all the time for them. And, yes, back then software computer piracy was not illegal and was not seen as immoral. The law changed a year or two later if memory serves.

Atari 65XE (click an image to enlarge)

After cleaning the machine up I did find that the keys had yellowed a bit over the years, but the main grey plastics are fine. I might see if I can replace the keys or simply the whole keyboard from sone one selling a beyond ecenomic repair unit on eBay. We'll see.
Cable-wise, I did receive a UK style co-axial aerial cable for connecting to a TV antena port and also the power oriiugnal power supply unit.

Processor 16/32bit bit Motorola 68000 @ 8MHz
Inbuilt OS TOS OS & GEM Desktop
Video 320x200 with 16 colours (from 512 colours) @ 50Hz [low]
640x200 with 4 colours (from 512 colours) @ 50Hz [medium]
Monochrome mode (monitor) 620x400 at 70Hz [high]
Audio Yamaha YM2149 3-voice squarewave plus 1-voice white noise mono Programmable Sound Generator
Ports 25 pin RS232C Serial port
Centronics printer port (25 pin)
Two Atari joystick ports (one doubles as a mouse port)
Two midi ports (5 pin DIN)
Monitor port (13 pin DIN)
ACSI port
Floppy port (14 pin DIN)
ST cartridge port
UK style co-axial port (for TVs)

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