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Atari 65XE

10th Sep 2017

A year or so ago I was given an Atari 65XE along with a Trak-Ball, Datassette (tape drive) and 1050 floppy drive. The Atari 65XE is a (slightly) more advanced Atari 800, but with the look of an Atari 130. This one came to me somewhat worse for wear with dried coffee through the keyboard & mainboard into the bottom plastics. I cleaned all of this out and to my surprise it powered up without any issues. The mainboard does not look as if it has sustained any dmagae/corrosion at all.

Atari 65XE Atari 65XE right side ports
Atari 65XE rear ports Atari 65XE underneath
Atari 65XE power supply
(click an image to enlarge)

I did find that the keys had yellowed a bit over the years, but the main grey plastics are fine. I might see if I can replace the keys or simply the whole keyboard from some one selling a beyond ecenomic repair unit on eBay. We'll see.
Cable-wise, I did receive a UK style co-axial aerial cable for connecting to a TV antena port and also the power oriiugnal power supply unit.

Processor 8 bit 6502C (C014806C-29) @ 1.79MHz
Video 11 graphics modes, 320x192 max. Up to 16 colours, 5 text modes, 40x24 text max.
Audio 8 bit mono, 4 channel, 3.5 octaves
Ports Cartridge port
Two 9 pin joystick ports
Composite video
Datassette (SIO) port

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