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Commodore Amiga 1200

30th April 2015

I have recently purchase a couple of computers, a printer and various other bits in an eBay auction. The main reason for this was to acquire a Commodore Amiga 1200 (A1200), although I was considering getting hold of an A600. I eventually settled on the A1200 as I've always like its look and it's more versatile and powerful than the A600 (I'll probably get an A600 at a future point in time).

Amiga 1200 with box Amiga 1200
Amiga 1200 left side Amiga 1200
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The A1200 is in very good condition as there is no yellowing from bromine (used as a fire retardant in the 1980's and 1990's) and it boots up nicely into Workbench 3.0.
This machine didn't come with any extras fitted (a good thing in a way as I enjoy upgrading) and so it has the standard specs as when it left the factory:

Processor 32 bit Motorola 68EC020 @ 14.18MHz (limited to 24 bit address bus)
Kickstart Version 3.0
RAM 2MB chip RAM / 0MB fast RAM
Video AGA chipset, 16.8 million colours (256 on-screen, 262,144 with HAM mode)
Up to 1280x512 (PAL) resolution max
Audio 4x 8 bit channels (2x stereo channels)
Ports 2 Mouse/Game ports
2x phono audio
25 pin RS232C serial
25 pin parallel
44 pin ATA (internal) connection for a hard drive
16 bit PCMCIA (type 2) slot
150 pin "trap door" expansion
23 pin analogue RGB out (monitor)

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