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Micro-Professor MPF-I

17th May 2015

I initially purchased this from eBay last year (12th April 2014) basically due to nostalgia and a bit of curiosity.
The Micro-Professor is an assembly language and microprocessor teaching aid which I encountered back in 1989-1990 when I studied at the ITeC (Information Technology Centre).
Saying that, I didn't really have much exposure to the unit as I chose to take the software route (DOS, programming, word processing, databases, etc.). However, I do remember them and am intend learn the basics of the Z80 CPUs & support ICs on this one when I have finished with the work I'm doing on the 6502. It may be a while before I get the chance though.


The Micro Professor consists of a single PCB with a Zilog Z80 processor, firmware/BIOS/Monitor ROM, PIO, CTC, PPI, RAM, Speaker and a cassette (data) port. For input & display it has a large 36 key keypad/board and six 7-segment red LED displays (two for data, 4 for address display).
The PCB has a user area which allows for adding wire wrap sockets/ICs. It also has pin headers for the data bus, address bus and the PIO IC I/O pins.
The user can also add either an extra 2KB RAM, 2KB EPROM or 4KB EPROM.

Processor Zilog Z80 (Z8400S max 2.5MHz) clocked at 1.79MHz
(dated 49th week, 1981)
ROM 2KB, mapped to $0000-$07FF
RAM 2KB (6116), mapped to $1800-$1FFF
User RAM/ROM 2KB EPROM (2516), 4KB EPROM (2532) or 2KB RAM (6116), mapped to $2000-$27FF or $2000-$2FFF
Support & I/O ICs Z80 PIO, Z80-CTC, Intel 8255 PPI
Audio 2.25 inch Speaker, including the driver circuit
Keyboard Membrane based, 36 keys (18 function keys, 16 hexadecimal keys and 1 user defined key)
Ports Programmable I/O port 8255 (24 parallel I/O lines)
Programmable I/O port PIO (16 parallel I/O lines)
Programmable I/O port CTC (4 independent counter timer I/O lines)
9V DC power in (regulated to 5V, 500mA current consumption)

Micro professor, outside Micro professor, open
Micro professor, power adapter Micro professor, manual
Micro professor, working Micro professor, PCB close up
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