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Electronics > 4 bit Adder > Overview
Designing the circuit
Construction & Testing
6502 Homebrew Computer > Overview
Writing the assembler
Designing the circuit
Construction & Testing
Peripherals - 44780 LCD
Writing the OS
Software > Retro Gaming Menu (under construction)
Splitting DWORDS to BYTES (under construction)
Retro Computing > Commodore > VIC-20
    Amiga 500
    Amiga 1200
    Adding a CF card drive
Atari > ST 520FM
Acorn > BBC Micro B (working)
BBC Micro B (not working)
BBC Micro B (not working)
    ATPL Sidewise
BBC Micro B+ 64K
BBC Micro PSU repair
s BBC B+ DFS upgrade
    OS Switcher upgradee
    RAM upgrade
    BBC Master 128
    Battery Replacement
    OS Switcher upgrade
Spectrum > ZX Spectrum +
HxC Floppy Emulator > (under construction)

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